Establishment Year - 2002

The Electronics Society of Jabalpur aims to create a better insight in the fields of Electronics and IT and equip its members with the deep routed virtues of self confidence, courage, love and care for one and all and loyalty towards the nation.

To make the society a unique platform for the personality development of its members by providing opportunities to excel in the fields of Electronics and IT.

To empower the youth with the state-of-the-art knowledge of Electronics and IT and enable them to respond to the need and challenges of the present world.

Aims and Objects

  • To provide a platform to members for interaction.
  • To inculcate the spirit of a true scientist.
  • To develop practical attitude & experimental skills.
  • To promote job awareness.
  • To provide opportunities for enhancing personality.
  • To promote the culture of sincere efforts, hard work & dedication towards subjects, like Electronics, Equipment’s maintenance & Computer maintenance by instituting, certificate, awards, and medals.
  • To enrich a book bank.


  • Conducting workshops on Computer Maintenance & PCB Designing, Fabrication of Electronic Circuits using Multisim & Ultiboard Software.
  • Organizing guest lectures of highly qualified and successful professionals
  • The society resolves to achieve its objectives through making the latest books and information available to the members via book bank.
  • Organizing group discussions, speech, debate, essay writing and quiz competitions to enable the members to learn the correct way of presentation of their ideas.
  • Field Exploration to develop professional aptitude.

Dr.Fr.G.Vazhan Arasu
Principal,St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur.

Scientific Advisors
Mrs. Kamlesh Makkarh
Head, Dept. of Physics and Electronics
Government Home Science College, Jabalpur

Dr. Pragyesh Kumar Agrawal
Dept. of Physics
Sarojini Naidu Government Girls PG College, Bhopal

Program Incharge
Dr. Kallol Das

Program Coordinators
Mr. K. Ram Prasad Rao
Mrs. Anjali Rao

Student Office Bearers

  • President: Ms. Kimpreet Kaur, B.Sc.V Semester EB Group
  • Vice President: Naveen Kumar, B.Sc. III Semester CM Group
  • Secretary: Ms.Harshita Kamble. B.Sc. III Semester EB Group
  • Joint Secretary: Mr. Ayush Sharma B.Sc. I Semester EB Group
  • Program Coordinator: Mr. Ravi Shankar & Mr. Atul Kumar B.Sc.III Semester EB Group
  • Committee Members: Mentor Leaders



  • Speeches on relevant topics Accident Prevention, Tsunami Warning system and E waste Management etc. were delivered by the students and later on important topics of common interest like Cloud Computing, Liquid Crystal Display and IC Technology etc. were also discussed by teachers with active participation of students


  • Students were encouraged to spend some time in stacking of books in the Central Library of the College as a part of Library Maintenance.


  • As a part of internship program, B.Sc. VI Semester students have prepared electronic kits through PCB designing and fabrication on various topics namely Operational Amplifier as Differentiator, Integrator, in Inverting and Non-inverting modes, Logic gates etc. and submitted to the Department of Electronics and Computer Maintenance.


  • Society has been conducting intra-class and inter-class essay writing, speech, debate and poster competitions. The aim is to create awareness among students to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject, enhancement in communication skills and have research oriented approach.


  • Electronic Society of Jabalpur also publishes monthly newsletter E- Vision which updates the readers about recent researches, latest topics and findings of the subject.

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