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Brief Profile:


Work Experience:12 years

  • Presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, St. Aloysius’ (Auto.) College, Jabalpur, (M.P).(2009 onwards )

Research Experience: 

  • Minor Research Project “Empowerment of women in Gram panchayat: special reference to Janpad Panchayat Jabalpur” was sanctioned by UGC, Bhopal with sum of Rs. 2, 00,000/- (2014).

Participation and Presentations in conferences/Seminars

International Seminar 

  • Presented paper Titled “E-Governance in developing countries: An assessment in India” in international seminar “Exploring Trends and Practices in Information Technologies and Management “organized by Department of Management & Department of Computer Science on 4th &5th January,2015 in St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur.
  • Participated in international seminar entitled “Globalization and Indian Economy :Issues and Challenges’ organized by school of economics, Devi Ahilya University Indore on 17th – 18th February 2017
  • Presented paper titled “Rashtravada mai Acharya Narendra Dev ke Vicharo ki Prasangikta” in an International seminar on  “Sanskritik Rashtravad aur Bhasha Vigyan” Organized by Department of Hindi, RDVV ,Jabalpur ,M.P 3 -4 February 2018. 

National Seminar

  • Presented paper in National Seminar “Jansanchar sadhano me Hindi bhasha ki bhumika” organized by Mahirshi Ved Vigyan College, Narmada Road. Jabalpur on 18-19 Nov. 2005.
  • Presented paper”Ucch Shiksha Vyavastha me Udarikaran aur Vishvikaran ki counotiyan” in National Seminar on ‘Bharat me Shiksha,Rajniti aur Vikas Ke Badalte AAyam”organized by Department of Political ScienceRDVV,Jabalpur,27-28 February,2006
  • Participated in National Seminar “Environmental Hazards and Disaster” organized by U.G.C., Bhopal in Hawabag college, on19 January 2009.
  • Presented Paper in the Symposium organized by State Resource Centre, Bhopal in St. Aloysius College Jabalpur entitled “Literacy: Time to act for Nation Building. 2009-2010
  • Presented paper titled “Naxalism: Threat to Indian State and Democracy” in the National Seminar Rashtron ke Madhya Aatanki Kutniti aur Uska Paridrishya par Prabhav, organised by Navyug College, Jabalpur on 20th -21st December 2012.
  • Presented paper titled, “The Dilemma of Democratic Socialism in India” in the National Seminar held in Maihar on Socialism and Post Modernism with reference to Globalization, 22nd -23rd March 2013.
  • Presented paper on, “RTI: Power For the Control of Corruption” .in the National Seminar held in St. Aloysius college, (Auto.) Jabalpur on “Right to Information as a tool to empower the citizen”, 31st Jan.-1st Feb. 2014.
  • Participated in Global Peace Conference, organized by Society for Brotherhood and Peace, Jabalpur and held at Govt. M .H. College of Science and Home science for Women (Autonomous), Jabalpur.
  • Participated in national seminar “Foreign Direct Investment; Indian Market Invention And Economic Reforms” Sponsored by UGC Bhopal and organized by Department of Commerce &Economics, St. Aloysius college(Auto.) ,Jabalpur.28th &29th March,2014
  • Presented paper titled,”Vartaman yug me sant Ravidas ke Vicharo ki Aavsayakta” in the National Seminar Rashtriya Ekta ke samvardhan me sant ravidas ke vicharo ki prasangikta, organized by Department of Hindi ,St. Aloysius College (Auto),Jabalpur on 27 &28 February .,2015.
  • Presented paper titled “RUSA: The way Forward in Higher Education in States” in the National Seminar RUSA( Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan): A Strategic Intervention for Enhancement of Higher Education in India, organized by Department of Economics ,St. Aloysius College(Auto) ,Jabalpur on 19th & 20th of March ,2015.
  • Presented paper titled ‘Bhartiya Swantantarta Sangram mai Mahilao ka Yogdan”in  national symposium on ‘Bhartiya Swatantara Sangram mai Mahilao ki Bhoomika’ organised by Dept of History , Govt  kamlaa Nehru Girls College Balaghat M.P  Sponsored by UGC  Bhopal24-25 February,2016
  • Presented paper  “ Academic Audit c; Assuring Quality in Higher Education at the National conference on Role of Academic Audit in Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in India organized by the Dept of Economics and Computer Science and Application ,st Aloysius college(Autonomous) Jabalpur 21 -22 october,2016.
  • Presented paper “Corporate Social Responsibility; Potential and Challenges” in the national seminar on “New Dimensions in Corporate Social Responsibility”, organized by st Aloysius college (autonomous )JBP,, sponsored by UGC CRO Bhopal 21-22 January 2017
  • Presented paper “The Effect of Spirituality on Job Performance” in a national seminar on “Spiritual Intelligence and Mental Health , a New Paradigm in Teacher Education” organized by st Aloysius College Jabalpur sponsored by UGC,CRO Bhopal24-25 March,2017
  • Presented paper entitled “Research and ITI :Present Scenario of India” in a national symposium  “Samaj Vigyan: ICT ke Vishesh Sandarbh Mai” organized by Govt Mahakaushal Arts and Commerce College (Autonomous) JBP on 7th and 8th sept 2017.
  • Presented paper entitled’ Swacch Bharat Mission and issues of cleanliness in India’ in a national seminar “vartaman rashtriya paridrashya organized by shanti vikas avam shanti ekta parishad muraina and RDVV Jabalpur on 16th 17th December 2017
  • Presented paper entitled “Judicial activism and Democracy” in a National Seminar on“Judicial Activism and Accountability in India: Problems and Solutions” organized by Government College Barhi ,Distt. Katni M.P. on 23-24 March,2018
  • Presented paper entitled ‘Dimension of Wellness: Change Habits to Change Life’ in  National Seminar on ‘Envisioning A Healthy India: Health ,Hygiene, Mother and Child’ organized by St. Aloysius College(Auto),Jabalpur M.P21-23rd February,2019

List of Publication :

In Books

  • “Child Labour: problem and prospect in India” published in book titled ‘Child Labour in India: Nature and Issues, ISBN-978-81-7625-853-1 published by Sarup book Publishers private limited, New Delhi. 2012
  • “Human Rights in India: Prospects and Challenges” published in book titled Human Rights and Indian Constitution ISBN-978-81-7910-430-9 published by Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, Jaipur.2013.
  • “challenges of sustainable tourism in India “published in book titled “Emerging issues of Indian Tourism Industry” ISBN 978-81-7625-978-1 published by sarup publishers’ pvt. Ltd.,Dariya Ganj ,New Delhi.
  • “Madhya Pradesh me Paryaton ka Vikas Avam Sambhavnaye” published in book titled “Bharat ke paryaton udyog ki sambhavanaye avam chounotiya” ISBN 978-93-5208-053-3, published by sarup publishers’ pvt. Ltd.,Dariya Ganj ,New Delhi.
  • “The Effect of Spirituality on Job Performance” published in book titled “Unleashing the Power of Spiritual Intelligence and Mental Health, Published by A.P.H. Publishing Corporation Dariya Ganj, New Delhi.(2017) ISBN 978-81-7648-095-6

 In Journals:

  • An article in journal of State Resource Centre, Bhopal entitled “Literacy: Time to act for Nation Building. 2009-2010
  • An article entitled “status of implementation of Right to Education Act,2009”in Research Revolution, An International Journal of social science and management, Vol.II, Issue-8, May-2014 –ISSN no.2319-300x
  • An article entitled “Dilemma of women representatives in panchayati raj institution in India” in Research Revolution, An International Journal of social science and management, Vol III,Issue-10, August-2015 –ISSN s2319-300x.
  • An article entitled “Acarya NarendraDev :Ek Parichaya” in Indian Journal of Society and Politics ,An International Journal of Social Science and Humanities, VOL 05 Issue 02,ISSN 2348-0084 ,UGC Journal No.47956 ,31st March 2018
  • An Article entitled “Rashtravad me Acharya Narendra Dev ke Vicharo ki Prasangikta”In “Vishleshana  Research Journal” RDVV  Vol. No.15(2018) No.2,ISSN:2393-9931 October 2018.


  • Tanning Programme on SPSS software under the auspices of IQAC cell under the scheme of college with potential for excellence, UGC ,New Delhi, in St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Jabalpur from 29-31 october,2009
  • National workshop on” Flexible Solutions for Analytical Needs” organised by Dept. Of computer Application. , St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur. on 6 to8, Oct. 2010
  • National workshop on ”Innovative Practices in Teaching and Learning organized by Department of Management Studies, St. Aloysius College(Auto),Jabalpur.20-21 December,2010
  • Investor Awareness Programme organized under the aegis of investor education and protection fund  by Jabalpur chapter of cost accounts, organized by St. Aloysius College,Jabalpur3 march,2012
  • Training Programme and Workshop on Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education Sensitivity/Awareness/Motivation organized by Govt. Kamala   Raja Girls P.G. (Autonomous)College Gwalior 26february -2 March,2013   
  • Yuva Sansad organized by Govt. Mahakaushal Arts and Commerce College Jabalpur,16 March 2013
  • National Workshop on “Reassessment of Present Curriculum of Teacher Education”, organized by, Department of Education, St. Aloysius College(Auto.)Jabalpur.15-16 November 2013
  • National Workshop on “Effective Business Communication and Presentation Skills” organized by Department of Management Studies ,St. Aloysius College(Auto.),Jabalpur.19th -20th December,2013
  • workshop on “Human Values Development Programme” organized by All India Association for Christian Higher Education  Collaboration with St. Aloysius College(Autonomous) ,Jabalpur on 16-17 June,2016
  • Training Program on “Project Based Learning and Need of Academic Audit in Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education” organized by Department of Economics & Computer Science and Application, st Aloysius college (Autonomous )Jabalpur,27-28 January 2017 
  • faculty empowered national workshop on e- learning MOOCs and basic ICT tools for educators “ organized by Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre of NHRD , SGTB  Khalsa College, University of Delhi in collaboration with  st Aloysius college Jabalpur on 17 -18 march 2018
  • “ICT Teaching of the Faculty Training workshop of South Asia”, organized by the united board of Christian Higher Education in Asia in st Aloysius College (Autonomous) Jabalpur, M.P .25 october,2018


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