Area: Microbiology, Immunology, Proteomics  
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D
Contact: +91 0761 2620738
Brief Profile:                              

Research Experience- PhD in microbiology at Bacteriology Lab under the supervision of Prof. Anjana Sharma, Worked on Assessment Of Biomimetically Formed Calcium Carbonate For Mushroom Tyrosinase Production With Reference To Its Application for Phenol Degradation.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Best paper presentation in National Seminar sponsored by UGC
  • Young scientist award by MPCST (March 2018) for paper presentation
  • Second Prize for poster presentation at National Conference in 2018 Feb 
  • Emerging Research Award at the International Conference in Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development at NITTTR, Chandigarh (November 2017)
  • First prize in paper presentation in National Conference by Design Innovation Centre by MHRD (October 2017)
  • Young scientist fellowship award by MPCST (March 2017)
  • Second prize: Paper presentation in Intercollegiate Events On Biotechnology by MPBT at RDVV JBP.(2015, 2016)
  • Second prize: Poster presentation in National Science Day Celebration at RDVV JBP (2015)
  • Second prize: Paper presentation in National Seminar on Current Advances in Bioscience by UGC. (2014)
  • Second prize: Junior Scientist Award (SBAM) for Oral Presentation by UGC at RDVV JBP. (2011)

Conferences and Research Training:

  • DNA barcode training in MPCST Bhopal in March 2019
  • Workshop organized by DIC MHRD at RDVV February 2019
  • National seminar on Biodiversity act at National Law University January 2019
  • Oral presentation in International conference AMI at Hyderabad University at December 9-12, 2018
  • Indian science congress at lucknow U.P. September 2018
  • National Workshop on Collaborative Teaching Strategies for knowledge building in Higher Education at St. Aloysius College (27-28 October)
  • National Seminar on Bamboo Cultivation by University Institute of Vocational Studies and Skill Development RDVV (18 September)
  • International conferences on International Conference on Current Trends in Biotechnology, VITS, India (8th -10 th December, 2016)
  • Short Course on Beneficial Microbes For Sustainable Agriculture at IGKV, Raipur. (5 th -14 th October 2016).
  • International Science Festival On Developmental Microbiology at New Delhi By DBT. (2015)
  • National Workshop on “In-Silico Dimensions Of Medico-Cheminformatics” by DBT at Bhopal University. (15 th -19 th Jan 2013)
  • National Workshop on Developing Horizons In Microbiological Tools And Techniques by UGC Bhopal. (20 th -21st Feb 2013)
  • National Workshop on Isolation, Identification And Application Of Fungi by UGC at RDVV.(6 th -11 th Sep 2011)
  • National Workshop on Genotyping And DNA Sequencing by MPSCT at Bhopal.(25th-27th  Feb 2015)
  • National Workshop on Statistical With R Software at Bhopal University by DBT. (21st -22nd July 2014)
  • Poster presentation in International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Organized by Biotech Research Society at Pune. (25 th -27 th Nov. 2013)
  • Poster presentation in National Conference on Biotechnology For Sustainable Agriculture at JNKVV.(8 th -9 th Sep 2014)
  • Poster presentation in National Conference on Empowerment Mankind And Microbial Technology by AMI at Coimbatore. (12 th -14 th Sep 2014)
  • Oral presentation in International Conference on Microbial World Recent Innovation by AMI at Bhubaneswar. (22nd -25 th Nov 2012)
  • Oral presentation in National Seminar on Recent Trends in the Thrust Areas of Life Sciences by UGC at Khalsa College Jabalpur. (10th -11th Jan 2015)

CITATION -5        H index- 2     Impact Factor – 3.1 

Sequence Submitted To NCBI MK377167


  • Anjana Sharma, Preeti Bala Pal, Meenal Budholia Rehman and Juhi Sharma (2018) Monitoring of phenolic compounds and surfactants in waste water mixing with Narmada river at Jabalpur, (India). Int. J. Adv. Res. 6(4), 97-102.
  • Juhi Sharma, Shikha Bansal, Shanu Patial, Shivani Singh and Preeti Bala (2018) Multiple metal resistances and its correlation to antibiotic resistance in bacteria isolated from industrial effluent. International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences Vol. 07, No. 04, pp.1842-1847.
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  • Juhi Sharma , Shrinivas N. Dighe  , Pranita Bhatele Assessment of biomimetically sequestered calcium carbonate for tyrosinase production from Pleurotus florida with reference to phenol degradation: innovative approach for complete bioremediation of atmospheric CO2  Trj 3 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2017



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