Qualification:  MSc. Zoology, PhD.
Contact:  0761-4075006
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr. Manju Dixit is a faculty of Department of Zoology. TEACHING EXPERIENCE
  • 12 years teaching experience in S. G. T. B .Khalsa  College Jabalpur.
  • Participated in the Refresher course in bioscience entitled "Role of Biotechnology in human beneficiation from 12 February to 1 March 2007.
  • Participated in UGC Special summer course on ICT in education from 16.06.2008 to 5.07.2008.
  • Attended National Seminar on Testing ,Measurment & evolution in Distant learning from 17-19 may 2008 organized by M. P. Bhoj University.
  • Attend National Seminar on Environmental Hazerds and disaster from 12-13 January 2009  organized by  Hawabagh womens college jabalpur
  • Attend National Seminar on Biodivercity conservation pr 6 october 2010organized by  Hawabagh womens college Jabalpur.
  • Attend National Seminar on Effect of Environmental factors on Personality development from 9-10 December 2011 organized by St. Aloysius college Jabalpur.
  • Participated and presented a paper in Madhya Pradesh vigyan sammelan on 18-19 December organized by Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidylaya Jabalpur.
  • Participated and presented a paper in National seminar on Recent Trends in the thrust areas of Life sciences from 10-11 January 2015 organized by S.G. T. B. Khalsa College Jabalpur.
  • Attended National Seminar on “Impact of Industrial Pollution on Environment” at Mahatma Gandhi P.G. College, Kareli , Narsinghpur from 15-16 October , 2016
  • Participated in National Workshop on Personality development and Stress Management on 31 March 2015 Organized by Dr. Radhakrishnan College of Education Jabalpur.
  • Participated in An interface Research Workshop on Microbial Systematics & Diversity on 14 to 18 March 2007 Organized by Bacteriology Laboratory R.D.V.V. Jabalpur.
  • Participated in National Workshop on State of the Art Technique for Isolation, Identification & Application of Fungi on 29 July to 4 August 2009 Organized by Department of Biological Sciences R.D.V.V. Jabalpur.
  • Participated in National Workshop on Hands on Training of Immunological Techniques on 3 Feb. to 9 February 2014 Organized by Mata Gujri Mahavidyalaya Jabalpur.
  • Organized UGC sponsored  National Workshop on “Applied techniques in Biology” 5th -7th February 2015.
  • Organized “ Training workshop on sericulture” from 20th to 22nd August , 2015 to train the students regarding mulberry plantation, silkworm rearing and cocoon production under Green India Mission in collaboration with Department of Rural Industries and Directorate of Sericulture (M. P.)
  • Organized two days “Training workshop on lac culture as secondary means of livelihood ” from 26th to 27th August , 2016 to train the students regarding plantation of trees , nymph rearing and lac production and to equip the student participants on the latest technology of lac culture industry
  • Organized ten days Certificate Course on Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological Practices” from 20th – 30th June 2016 for U.G & P.G students.
  • Participated in National Symposium on Plant Pathogens Exploitation & Management on 16-17 January 2007 Organized by Department of Biological Sciences R.D.V.V. Jabalpur.
  • Participated in Microtech -2007,Junior Scientist award on 19 November 2007 2007 Organized by Department of Biological Sciences R.D.V.V. Jabalpur.
  • Participated in Efficiency improvement Programme on 29 and 30 M ay 2015 Organized by Department of Life long learning and Extension Education R. D. V. V. Jabalpur


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