The St. Aloysius' Alumni Association keeps the ex-students actively connected to their alma mater. The alumni are proactive and contribute to sustenance of quality culture. The Jubilee Year of St. Aloysius' College has witnessed the starting of the St. Aloysius’ College Alumni Association (SACAA). The college is proud to have such outstanding ex-students as Lt. Gen. R. J. Mordecai, Brig. Inayat A Yusufji (VrC), Justice Prakash Naik, Justice Deepak Verma, Mr. Shravan Bhai Patel, Minister, Ex PWD (MP), Mr. Prashant Mehta I. A. S., Mr. Vivek Tankha, Ex Advocate General (M. P.), The Rt. Rev. Abbot Nicholas Ambrose, The Rt. Rev. BishopVincent Barwa, The Rt. Rev. Abbot Rocky D’Souza and many more.

Alumni Association :

President Dr. Pankaj Shukla
Vice President Mr. Deepak Arora
Dr. Elena Philip
Secretary Mr. Shyam Sahani
Joint Secretary Mr. Parmjeet Kalsi , 
Dr. Hephzibah B John
Treasurer Mrs. Rashmi A. Patras




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