All academic matters fall under the Academic committee headed by the Governing body and Principal. The academics quality and standard is maintained by the three pillars of the committee- Academic Council, Finance Committee and Staff council. 

  • Staff council comprises of all the teaching staff including HODs, class teachers and mentor teachers.
  • Finance committee is responsible for the financial matters and its management. Purchase committee is a part of the committee. Purchase committee is responsible for the purchase of equipment, glassware, chemicals and infrastructure boost.
  • Academic council is made up of the BOS of all the 15 departments.


Governing Body Members :

Chairman Most: Most Rev. Gerald Almeida
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Abraham Thazhathedom
Society Nominee: Dr. Fr. Davis George
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Bipin Xalxo 
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Ben Anton Rose
Industrialist: Mr. Prem Dubey
UGC Nominee: Dr. Vined Sethi
State Govt. Nominee: Dr. K.L. Jain  (Add.Director Hr.Edn.) 
Vice-Chancellor Nominee: Prof. Rajeev Duvey 
Teacher Representative: Mrs. Siby Samuel
Teacher Representative: Mrs. Sukhvinder Kaur Walia
Principal & Secretary: Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu
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