The department was established in the academic session 1998-99 during the tenure of former Principal, Rev. Dr. Fr. Davis George, with a motto of Excellence through Perseverance. A new course in Industrial Microbiology with Botany and Chemistry combination was introduced at UG level in session 2001-2002. This course was approved by UGC New Delhi for introduction of degree course as a vocational subject. The Department of Botany and Microbiology is presently forgoing ahead with 3 UG courses (Botany and Industrial Microbiology) and PG course in Microbiology, setting new land marks in teaching and learning.


1. Dr. Mrs. Shikha Bansal (HOD) M.Sc. , Ph.D.
2. Dr. Mrs. Sonali Nigam M.Sc. , Ph.D
3. Dr. Mrs. Femina Sobin M.Sc. , SLET , Ph.D.
4. Dr. Mrs. Mamta Gokhale M.Sc. , M.Phil., Ph.D.
5. Mrs. Roshni Choubey M.Sc.
6. Dr. Juhi Sharma M.Sc. , Ph.D
7. Dr. Mrs. Ruchi Hidau  


Under Graduate Courses

  • B.Sc. Biology- Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. (CBZ)
  • B.Sc. Industrial Microbiology- Chemistry, Botany and Industrial Microbiology (IMB)
  • B.Sc Biotechnology- Chemistry, Biotechnology and Botany (BTB)Post Graduate Courses

Post Graduate Courses

  • M.Sc. in Microbiology

Certificate Courses

  • Add on course in Water Quality Monitoring
  • Fundamentals of fungal identification
  • Tools and techniques in Microbiology.


Lab facilities:

  • 09 computers and 02 laptops
  • One DLP
  • One printer
  • Internet facility
  • E-podium
  • Library
    • Central -3570
    • Departmental- 335
  • Book bank
  • E-Notes
  • Question Bank
  • Training modules
  • Practical protocols
  • News letters

Advanced facilities:

  • Thermocycler
  • Gel Documentation system
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Lyophilizer
  • Bioreactor
  • Flame Photometer
  • Rotary Vaccum Evaporator
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • Orbital Shaker
  • Sterio Binocular Microscope
  • Air Sampler

 MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS  (2011-12 to 2015-16)

  • Patent filed and published:  One
  • Research projects completed
    • Minor research projects:
      • Completed – 04
    • Major research projects:
      • Completed – 02
      • Ongoing – 01
  • National Seminar organized: “Frontiers in Modern Biology; From Discovery to Applications” on 6th – 7th Sep 2013 sponsored by UGC, CRO, Bhopal.
  • In house Dissertations
  • In house Internships
  • Microbial culture deposition in national institutes
  • Research and publications

Faculty Publications

  • Research papers
    • International -10
    • National- 41
  • Book published:
    • Chapter(s) in Books: 07
    • Books with ISBN numbers with details of publishers: 06
  • Souvenir published: 01
  • Training modules published: 04
  • Students publications: 17
  • Awards
    • Faculty awards: 04
    • Students awards: 10
  • Others
    • The department has got the facility for Dissertation and Research work.
    • ICT oriented teaching and learning process
    • Innovative CCE activities
    • Innovative Practicals
    • Mid sem exam for PG
    • Extension activity with nature club
    • Computer and internet facility
    • Seminars and tutorials for students
    • Bridge classes for first year students
    • Prelim practicals and sessionals
    • Feedback (teachers and syllabus) from students, Ex students , Parents and subject Specialists.


  • Plantation
  • Environmental Awareness Programmes
  • Eco Fest
  • Industrial visits
  • Educational trips
  • Disease awareness programme
  • Guest lectures
  • Bonsai training
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Excursion
  • Medicinal plant awareness programme
  • Seasonal ornamental flower bed
  • Adult training programme
  • Science day celebration


  • Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. Manish Agrawal, Head, Daksh Laboratory, Jabalpur on the topic “Industrial norms and microbial products” on 08.02.11
  • Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. MAniram, Microbiologist, Narmada Gelatin factory, Jabalpur on the opic “ Scope of Microbiology in industry  on 01.03.11.
  • Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. Jamaluddin, Emeritus scientist, Deptt. Biosciences, RDVV, Jabalpur on the topic “ Mushroom Cultivation” on 16.03.11
  • Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. N.D.Sharma, Ex- Head, Deptt of plant pathology, JNKVV, Jabalpur on “ Market value of mushroom” on 18.03.11.
  • Guest lecture was conducted by Dr. Sam Kuruvilla, NCBS, Balgalore on “ Scope of biological sciences” on 09.01.12.
  • Certificate course on Tools and techniques in microbial technology was held on 04.02.11 and module awas released on 10.04.12.
  • Add on course in Water Quality monitoring
  • Mushroom cultivation (i.2 Kg mushroom was obtained)
  • Plantation on 16.10.11 by Dr. Fr. Davis George.
  • News letters Nature and Trends in Microbiology (July- Sep 2011) and (Jan-March 2012) Released.
  • State level environment awareness test was conducted on 21.1.12
  • Poster and slogan competition organized under the banner of Nature club on 16.03.12.


  • Visit of St. Xavier school students: Students from St.Xaviers School visited the department on 21.07.2012 for basic knowledge on instrument working. Students learned about the working of instruments such as Gel Doc, HPLC, motic software, Fermenter etc.
  • Eco fest: The department organized Eco fest on 2.09.2012 under which various competitions like Slogan, Poster, Quiz, Creating best out of e waste, paper bag making were held. Plantation was also done by the students in the college campus. This program encouraged the students to make environment save and clean.
  • Educational Tour: The department is organizing educational tour every year to attend either National or International seminar. This year Post graduate students attended three days National seminar on “Biodiversity and conservation of waste and marine ecosystem of India” in R.J. College, Ghatkopar West Mumbai from 13th  to 15th  September, 2012 under the leadership of  Mrs. Sonali Nigam and Ms. Shikha Gauri as in charge teachers. Tour comprises of 40 students of M.Sc I & III Semester, Microbiology and two teachers. The students got exposure to meet various scholars and along with this they got a chance to know about current happenings in field of science which helped them in developing their own research skills.
  • Guest Lectures: The department organized guest lecture series from 2nd – 8th February  2013.Mr.Anand Deo Asst.Prof.MITCON Instiute of management Pune delivered lecture on “Management opportunities for life sciences” .Professor S.S.Sandhu  Department of Biosciences ,R.D.V.V Jabalpur gave lecture on “Vector Biology”.Dr.Yogita Gharade    Scientist ,DWSR Jabalpur  lecture on “Biostatistics” .
  • Research Fellow Ms Amita Shrivastava was conferred with Young scientist award of  Rs. 25000/- by Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology (MPCST), Bhopal on 28th Februray 2013.
  • Guest Lectures: On  5th March 2013 Professor P.K.Singhal Department of Biosciences ,R.D.V.V Jabalpur delivered lecture on Biostatistcs.
  • Excursion Tour: Local study excursion for students is also organized by the department, preferably to bring them in close harmony with nature and study the details about the applied aspects of Botany as well as to keep them abreast with the recent trends in research. In this academic session excursion tour was organized to Shastra dhara nearby place Mandla on 12.02.2013 under the theme of “International River Year” to give awareness about water pollution and effect of it in environment.
  • Research and other Facilities of the department: M.Sc. Dissertation work in the field of Microbiology under the supervision of departmental teachers is a major achievement of the department by which students get platform regarding their research and understanding in their field of interest. Department is continuously involved in research activities. Currently 02 major and 01 minor research is ongoing in the department.  The department is also running UGC Sponsored add on course Water Quality Monitoring.
  • Department publish quarterly two newsletters “Nature” and “Trends in Microbiology“covering the various aspects of nature and recent development of microbial world respectively.


  • M.Sc. III sem (Microbiology) students were selected for training programme in Directorate of Weed Science Research institute for  15 days training  on “Microbes and their biotechnology Intervention for sustainable Agriculture ”sponsored by MPCOST. Ms Ritu Gautam and Aporwa Sahu were given Best Trainee award ,Ms.Shaina Gaikwad most interactive student award and Ms. Monica Saini most diligent student award in the training programme.
  • The department organized National Seminar on “Frontiers in Modern Biology: From Discovery to Application” from 6th – 7th September 2013 sponsored by UGC,Bhopal.Academicians from various colleges and institutes, scientists from research institutes, researchers from different organization and post graduate students of different institutions attended the seminar. It was well marked by the invited talk of eminent scientists of this field.
  • Department organized Interdisciplinary Seminar on “Quest for Career Prospects” from 9th -10th October 2013 for P.G students.
  • Department also organized Disease awareness programme on Hepatitis, AIDS, Typhoid etc. on 19th October 2013.The main objectives was to create awareness about seasonal diseases and home remedies.
  • Educational Tour: The department organizes educational tour every year to attend either International or National seminar. This year Post graduate students attended two days National seminar on “Frontiers in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics” in Dr.D.Y.Patil University, Navi Mumbai, from 30th to 31st   Jan, 2014. Mrs. Femina Sobin and Dr.Mrs.Mamta Gokhale along with 16 students of M.Sc. II & IV Semester, Microbiology attended the seminar. The students presented posters and they got a chance to know about current happenings in field of science which helped them in developing their own research skills.
  • Bonsai Training Programme was organized by the department on 1st February 2014.Expert Mrs.Manisha Dubey gave practical demonstration and explained the techniques of how to develop bonsai plants to the students.
  • Five days training programme was organized  on “Drinking water and Environmental pollution” and “Mushroom cultivation” sponsored by Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Rural Development, Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur, from 6th -11th February 2014.
  • Eco fest: The department organized Eco fest on 15th February 2014, under which various competitions like Slogan, Poster, Quiz, Creating best out of waste, bio rangoli were held. Plantation was also done by the students in the college campus. This program encouraged the students to clean and save environment.
  • Department of Botany and Microbiology along with Department of Zoology and Biotechnology in collaboration with M.P.Pollution Control Board celebrated Science Day on 28th February 2014 under which students took part in Slogan competition, posters competition and Model making competition.
  • Guest Lectures: On 24th - 25th March 2014, Professor R.P.Mishra, Department of Biosciences, R.D.V.V Jabalpur delivered lecture on Biostatistics.
  • Mrs. Sonali Nigam and M.Sc. IV sem (Dissertation students) attended the two days National Seminar on “Innovations in Science and Technology for inclusive Development” from 26th-27th March 2014 jointly organized by The Indian Science Congress Bhopal Chapter and M.P. Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal.
  • Research and other Facilities of the department: M.Sc. Dissertation work in the field of Microbiology under the supervision of departmental teachers is a major achievement of the department by which students get platform regarding their research and understanding in their field of interest. Department is continuously involved in research activities. Currently 01 major and 01 minor research is ongoing in the department.  The department is also running UGC Sponsored add on course Water Quality Monitoring.
  • Department publish quarterly two newsletters “Nature” and “Trends in Microbiology” covering the various aspects of nature and recent development of microbial world respectively.


  • Guest lecture by Dr. Stephen Methew on immunology (Natural kille cells) was held on 21st july, 2014 at prerna auditorium.
  • Disease awareness programme was held on 30th August, 2014 by students of M.Sc III sem MIcrobiology.
  • Guest lecure by Prof. R.P.Singh, Professor, BBAU, Lucknow on the topic Bioremediation was held on 21 January 2015 at prerna auditorium.
  • Guest lecure by Dr. Poornima Vajpayee, Scientist, IITR, Lucknow on the topic Q PCR was held on 21 January 2015 at prerna auditorium.
  • Minor Research Project: Study of fungal pathogens of edible mushrooms (Agaricus Sp. and Pleurotus Sp.) of jabalpur. U.G.C. Minor Research Project. Awraded to Mrs. Femina Sobin (Amount Rs. 2,70,000/-).
  • Major Reserach Project Awarded: DST MRP entitled “Isolation of flavonoides-------culture” for 3 years awarded to Dr. (Mrs.) Mamta Gokhale. (Amount 23,00,000/- for a period of 3 years).
  • Dr (Mrs.) Shikha Bansal chaired and judge one of the oral paper presentation in competitive session in 37th all India Botanical conference held in Mumbai (7th -9th november,2014)
  • Dr (Mrs.) Mamta Gokhale gave an oral presentation in one of the session in 37th AIBS,Mumbai,2014
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Sonali Nigam was awarded Ph.D degree on 15/11/14 from B.U. Bhopal.
  • Mrs. Femina Sobin went to Milagres College,Kallianpur,Udupi and AIACHE headquarters,New Delhi for inter institutional faculty enrichment programme (IIFEP) from 16-25 November 2014.
  • Mrs. Roshni Choubey went as a Resource Person for two days training program on “Basic Microbiological Technique” at National Sugar Institute (Ministry of Sugar, Government of India) Kanpur, U.P. On 28th-29th December, 2014.
    Mrs. Femina Sobin attended Preconference and National Seminar-Interfaith Dialogue at Christ University organized by AIACHE, Bangalore from 25-31 January 2015.
  • Members of the department attended National Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Managment: Chalenges and Opportunities held at R.D. University, Jabalpur, (M.P.) on 20-21 Januray 2015.
  • Students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Presented poster in National Conference held at RDU, Jabalpur, on 20-21 January, 2015. Shweta, Reena and Aaishwarya of B.Sc. VI sem (IMB) group won Ist Prize in Poster Presentation on the topic “Rain Water Harvesting”.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mamta Gokhale went to Weed Science Institute (D.W.S.R.), Jabalpur as Resource Person on 2nd Feb.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mamta Gokhale worked as demonstrator in the workshop “National Workshop: Applied Tehniques in Biology” at Dept. of Biotechnology for Protoplast Isolation on 5 Febuary 2015.
  • Ecofest: The department of Botany and Microbiology organized ECOFEST on 25 February, 2015 at Prerna Auditorium. On this Occasion Dr. Sanjay Singh delivered his lecture on Biodiversity. The basic theme of the fest was to make environment POLYTHENE FREE. Several theme based competitions including poster, slogan writing, quiz, biorangoli, best out of waste were orgainzed. Plantation was done in the college campus on this occasion.


  • Guest Lecture: On 14th August 2015 a guest lecture was held by Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya (I.F.S., M.D. M.P. Bamboo Mission) on Bamboo cultivation in M.P. He told students about various uses of Bamboo and career in this field.
  • Disease Awarness Programme: In order to create awareness about the causes, precautions and home remedies of seasonal diseases, the deparment of Botany and Microbiology under the banner of Nature club had organized a Disease awareness Programme on 21 August 2015. The students of M.Sc.I and III sem Microbiology had undertaken initiative for this community service. They conveyed their message through power point presentation and skits.
  • Invited Talk On 8th September 2015- Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur, (Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India), delivered a lecture on “Future Prospests of Job for Life Science students in Government sector”. He addressed the students of B.Sc. Botany and Microbiology. He also elaborated on the topic “Software user Training and Involvment of Science College students on soil health cards”. He also discussed about the importance organic farming in current era.
  • Educational trip: From 21st to 23rd September 2015, the Department of Botany and Microbiology had organized an educational trip for the Students of M.Sc. I and III semester (Microbiology) to attend a National workshop on “Cell and Molecular Biology” organized by CSRD, People’s University, Bhopal.
  • Industrial visit: The department of Botany and Microbiology organized an industrial visit for the Students of M. Sc. IInd and IVth sem Microbiology to Narmada gelatin factory Jabalpur on 9th Jan 2016. The students got an exposure to understand the manufacturing and marketing procedures of gelatin as well as other byproducts. Students also visited the Effluent treatment Plant located in the premises.
  • Ecofest: Ecofest 2016 was held on 30th January with the theme “Pradushan hatao. Paryavaran bachao”.  Dr. S. K. Khare, Scientist, M.P. Pollution Control Board was the chief guest for the function. He addressed the students regarding e waste management followed by plantation in the college premises which gave the message of making clean India and Green India. Principal and Head addressed the students giving them message to understand the responsibility towards our mother nature. Various activities were conducted for the students of UG (Botany) and PG (Microbiology) including environment based quiz session, Poster competition, slogan writing competition, Model making, creating best out of waste and song competition based on nature etc. and the winners of different events were awarded with prizes and certificates.
  • Science day celebration: The department of Botany and Microbiology had celebrated National Science Day from 28th February to 1st march 2016. The programme started with the blessings of Principal Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu. More than 200 students of UG and PG participated in various activities based on the theme of “Role of Microorganisms in Swachh Bharat”. Students expressed their views on clean India through Microbial Technology while elocution. Also quiz and essay writing competition was organized to explore the topic among students. Best three students were awarded with prizes.
  • Industrial visit: Under the self-financed scheme of Add on course in Water Quality Monitoring, the Dept. of Botany and Microbiology had organized an industrial visit on 11/3/2016 for B.Sc IV sem (IMB) and M.Sc II sem  (Microbiology) to Sapan industry (Bisleri) and Cocacola industry  Ricchhai, Jabalpur. The students got an opportunity to see the entire process of packaging of drinking water and production and packaging of cocacola products. The students were given demonstration of different sterilization procedures and other physical, chemical and microbiological aspects were discussed in detail with respect to job opportunities.
  • Environmental awareness programme: Under the banner of Aloysian Nature Club the dept. of Botany and Microbiology had organized an Environmental Awareness Programme on 11/3/2016 at industrial area, Ricchhai, Jabalpur. During this various Posters were Presented and the public was made awared about role of Biotech and microbe in swacch bharat abhiyan.
  • Nature club organized medicinal plant awareness programme at richai jbp.the students of 4th sem with posters and slogan made aware of local available medicinal plant -11/3/2016
  • Department publish quarterly two newsletters “Nature” and “Trends in Microbiology” covering the various aspects of nature and recent development of microbial world respectively


  • 10 days Summer training was conducted in the department entitled “ Hands on training on microbial tools and techniques
  • Workshop on fungal identification 21-30 june 2016
  • Awareness programme on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at Narmada Ghat on 02.08.16
  • Students of M.Sc III sem Microbiology went to attend 15 days training programme entitled “Agricultural Biotechnology- Microbes and their biotechnological interventions with special reference to biological weed management. Held on 05-20.09.2016 organized by DWR, Jabalpur
  • PG students attended 104th Indian Science Congress held at Shri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati on 03-07.01.2017.
  • Under the scheme of self financed Add on course in Water Quality Monitoring, the students of B.Sc IV (IMB) and M.SC II sem (Microbiology) went for an industrial visit to Richhai industrial area to visit Bisleri and Parle G industries on 07.02.17.


  • Rose Plantation was organized by B.Sc. First year students of Botany and members of Nature club of St. Aloysius College; they participated in the ecofriendly move through beautiful rose plants with excellent thoughts of increasing greenery in the campus.  More than 80 students participated in 18 groups in this event and exhibited their talent. The student had articulated with beautiful rose plant of different colors in the college campus.  Principal Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu and Vice Principal Fr. Ben Anton Rose were present throughout the programme and appreciated the efforts of students and staff. The programme was organized under the supervision and guidance of Prof. in- charge Dr. Mrs. Shikha Bansal, Nature club, co-ordinated by Dr. Mrs. Sonali Nigam, Dr. Mrs. Femina Sobin, Dr. Mrs. Mamta Gokhale, Mrs. Roshni Choubey Dr. Ranjan Singh and Dr. Ms. Juhi Sharma.
  • Ecofest 2018 was organized by Department of Botany and Microbiology on 3rd February 2018 with the theme Ecotourism under the banner of Nature club. Chief guest for the event was Mr. Yogendra Richhariya, Marketing head, M.P.tourism and Development Corporation, Jabalpur. The programme started with plantation of medicinal plants in the college garden. The event started with lamp lighting and prayer song. rev. Dr. G.Vazhan Arasu, Principal, St. Aloysius’ College (Autonomous) Jabalpur, showered his blessings and motivated students to participate in such events. Dr. Shikha Bansal, Head, Department of Botany and Microbiology introduced the theme to the students. While addressing the gathering, she inculcated the message of “conserving and preserving the nature: Our moral duty”. The resource person, Mr.Richhariya gave a presentation on “Ecotourism in Madhya Pradesh”. Overall eight competitions including best out of waste, Power Point presentation  on sustainable ecotourism with reference to  Jabalpur, Flower arrangement, Floral ornament, model making, Educational cards (Medicinal plants), Photography and  Group song (Nature). Winners of all the competitions were awarded with certificates and prizes. The programme concluded with oath taking ceremony whereby all the members of Nature club pledged to conserve and preserve the nature.
  • The department of Botany and Microbiology organized a Guest lecture programme in the department itself.  Prof. Khattar from Punjabi University, Patiyala was invited for the purpose. The lecture programme was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Mrs. Shikha Bansal, HOD and other departmental members. The expert gave a detailed description of biofuel, its advantage and applications. He emphasized on Algae fuel, algal biofuel, or algal oil is an alternative to liquid fossil fuels that uses algae as its source of energy-rich oils. Biodiesel is a diesel fuel derived from animal or plant lipids. Algae can be used to produce 'green diesel' (also known as renewable diesel, hydrotreating vegetable oil. Algae grow much faster than food crops, and can produce hundreds of times more oil per unit area than conventional crops such as rapeseed, palms, soybeans, or jatropha. The knowledge was imparted to the students of B.Sc I sem IMB, B.Sc IV sem CBZ, IMB, BTB, BTZ,BC & B.Sc VI sem CBZ, IMB, BTB, BTZ & BC. The students were highly impressed with the fact that several groups in various sectors are conducting research on Jatropha curcas, a poisonous shrub-like tree that produces seeds considered by many to be a viable source of biofuels feedstock oil. They were really motivated. It was a real learning experience for all the Botany students as well as all the faculty members of the department. 
  • The department of Botany and Microbiology regularly endeavor for the holistic development of students. In tune with this, the department organized 10 days summer training programme entitled “HANDS-ON MICROBIAL TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES” from 20th to 30th June 2018 for the post graduate students of Microbiology. During this programme the students learnt about the principle, working and applications of various sophisticated instruments like Soxhlet Extractor, Flame Photometer, Flourescent Microscope, Steriobinocular, Bioreactor etc. which could help them in qualifying their upcoming semesters, future research work and in making their future in fields of Biosciences. The programme was inougrated on 20th June with the lecture and demonstration by Dr. Shikha Bansal, Head followed by the other faculty members in upcoming days. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Mamta Gokhale and Mrs. Roshni Choubey along with kind cooperation of the other faculty members Dr. Sonali Nigam, Dr. Femina Sobin, Dr. Ranjan Singh and Dr. Juhi Sharma.



  • Amita Shrivastava was the recipient of Young Scientist Award 2013 by MPCST, Bhopal.
  • During 15 days training programme on “Microbes and their biotechnology Intervention for sustainable Agriculture” in DWSR, Jabalpur. sponsored by MPCOST, the students of M.Sc III sem Ritu Gautam and Apoorva Sahu secured Best trainee award, Ku.  Monica Saini got Most Diligent Student Award and Ms. Shaina Gaikwad got Most Interactive Student Award.


  • Students of M.Sc (Microbiology) IV semester, attended National Science Day Celebration organized by Directorate of Weed Science and Research (DWSR), Jabalpur on 28th Feb,2014.
  • Ms. Shaina Gaikwad was conferred with  first prize in an oratorical competition on “ Role of Science in the development of Agriculture in India” during the above mentioned programme.


  • Saraswati Bai received best trainee award and Pooja Sharma was given Most Interactive student award during a 15 days National training programme on “Bioherbicides with special emphasis to microbial biotechnology”, 27th Jan to 10th Feb 2015, organized by DWSR, Jabalpur.
  • Ms Priya Singh, Ms. Priya Deepti and Mr. Suryaprakash Yadav of M.Sc. II Sem secured I Prize in poster competition, Ku Ankita, Ku. Aneeta  and Ku. Priyanka of B.Sc IV sem got II Prize in model making competition and  Mr. Abhishek singh Narvaria and Mr. Devendra of B.Sc. VI semester won I  and III Prize respectively in quiz competition during “Intercollegiate Events in Biotechnology” organized by RDVV, Jabalpur on 30-31 March 2015.
  • Ms. Shiana Gaikwad, M.Sc Microbiology was selected as Junior research Fellow under Prof. Mrs. S. Paroha, National Sugar Institute Kanpur.
  • Ms. Sapna Arse, selected as Field Assistant in Research Project, TFRI, Jabalpur, M.P.
  • Ms. Monica Saini, M.Sc Microbiology was selected as junior research Fellow under Dr. C. Kannan, Directorate of Weed Research.
  • Ms. Kiran and Ms. Ragini Raiklwar joined as Microbiologist in Aurbindo Hospital Indore, M.P.


  • Mr. Jitendra Gwalwanshi secured II prize in song and poetry competition during Intercollegiate Events in Biotechnology organized by, MPBC, Bhopal on 2016-17
  • Ms. Nikita Gupta and Ms. Shweta Singh secured Best trainee award and Ms. Reena Yadav received consolation prize during 15 days training programme  entitled Agricultural Biotechnology- Microbes and their biotechnological interventions with special reference to biological weed management held on 05 to 20.09.2016 organized by DWR, Jabalpur

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