Motto: “Quality through Excellence”

Department of Zoology was established in the year 1998 with Mrs. M. Sahasrabudhe as the founder head and Coordinator of Bio-stream and offering B.Sc Zoology with the subject combination of Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. In 2002, the department started a course with the combination of Chemistry, Zoology and Biochemistry .In 2004, UG course in Biotechnology with the combination of Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology was started. In 2007 Dr. Joydeep Dutta took over the charge of HOD followed by Dr. Asha Khanna in 2009. In 2010 the department was upgraded into a postgraduate department and started offering M.Sc Zoology with dissertation in IV Semester (in lieu of 01 paper). In 2014 Dr. Parnashree Mukherjee took over as Head of the department. The department has a team of passionate and dedicated faculty members who are also actively involved in various research activities. Several research articles have been published by faculty members and by PG students in reputed journals. One book for the UG and PG students has been published. Department is actively involved in organizing various academic activities such as National level Seminars, Workshops, Departmental level skill oriented workshops , Summer trainings, hands on training and certificate courses for the holistic development of  students.


1. Dr. Ms. Parnashree Mukherjee (HOD) M.Sc. , NET , SLET , Ph.D
2. Mrs. Runa Paul M.Sc.
3. Dr. Dayashankar Gautam M.Sc. , Ph.D
4. Dr. Mrs. Priyanka Sinha M.Sc. ,Ph.D
5. Dr. Manju Dixit M.Sc. Ph.D


Under Graduate Courses

  • B.Sc. Biology- Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. (CBZ)
  • B.Sc Biotechnology- Chemistry, Biotechnology and Zoology.(BTZ)

Post Graduate Course

  • M.Sc. in Zoology with dissertation in IV Semester


  • M.Sc. in Zoology with dissertation in IV Semester (in lieu of 01 paper) in Madhya Pradesh. 
  • National Seminar on “Biotechnology for the 21st Century: New Horizons” sponsored by- University Grants Commission, CRO, Bhopal was conducted on 18th and 19th December, 2009.
  • UGC sponsored (CRO, Bhopal ) National Workshop on “Applied Techniques in Biology”, 5th -7th February,2015.
  • Resource centre /Consultancy for Vermicomposting in Jabalpur city.


  • Phoenix Poultry Farm, Jabalpur
  • Excellent Bio-Research Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Jabalpur [A NABL (National accreditation board for the testing & calibration of laboratories] accredited lab.


  • Educational Tour in M.P. & Outside M.P 2010-2011 onwards
  • Training workshop on Wild life Rescue on 21st Feb .2015
  • Training workshop on “Aquaculture” at Govt. Fish farm , Gokalpur, Ranjhi , Jabalpur on 11th Aug .2015
  • “Training workshop on Sericulture” from 20th to 22nd August , 2015 to train the students regarding mulberry plantation, silkworm rearing and cocoon production under Green India Mission in collaboration with Department of Rural Industries and Directorate of Sericulture (M. P.).
  • “Training workshop on Lac culture as secondary means of livelihood” was organized from 26th to 27th August, 2016.
  • Training workshop on “Apiculture - Entrepreneurship in bee keeping” was organized on 16th September, 2017
  • Summer training / Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological practices” from 2015-16 to 2017-18 for UG & PG students.
  • One month Hands on training on “Microtomy” from 10/07/2018 to 11/08/2018  for PG Zoology students 
  • Training workshop on “Aquaculture as source of self employment” on 7th & 8th of September, 2018 
  • Three months Certificate Course on Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological practices” from 06/08/2018 to 03/11/2018 for UG & PG students.


  • The faculty members are actively involved in various research activities such as genotoxicity studies , immunological approaches ,biodiversity studies, Fisheries ,Malaria research, Dairy farming, entomological and limnological studies .

Minor Research project completed

Principal Investigator - Dr. Parnashree Mukherjee

  • “Investigation of the biodiversity of road side insects of Jabalpur city with special reference to the physiological stress indicators and immunocompetencestatus”. (Granted by UGC, outlay Rs.3.7 lakh, Tenure - March 2015-2017).

Principal Investigator - Mrs Runa Paul

  • “To investigate the effects of extracts (aqueous/ ethanolic) of different parts of Annonasquamosa Linn. on some immunological parameters of Clariasbatrachus as an imunostimulant which may be helpful in increasing the production of disease free healthy fishes”(Granted by UGC, outlay Rs.Two lakhs, Tenure - March 2015-2017). 

Principal Investigator:- Dr.Joydeep Dutta

  • “In vivo anti-mutagenic effect of Vitamin C against Enrofloxacin induced chromosomal aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells” (2007) 

Major Research Project completed

Principal Investigator:- Dr. Asha Khanna and Co- Investigator - Dr. P. Mukherjee

  • “An Investigation of Genotoxicity as an occupational hazard among Bidi rollers due to Tobacco dust” ( Granted by UGC, outlay Rs.8.9 lakh, Tenure - Feb 2011-14). 

Ongoing Certificate Course 

  • Three months Certificate Course on Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological practices” for UG & PG students.

Completed Certificate courses /Add-on Courses

  • Certificate course in Microtomy duration:(1/8/06- 29/9/06).
  • Add on course on DNA Isolation Technique:(31/8/07-24/10/07).
  • Certificate course in ‘Practical Techniques In Applied Biology’ (7/03/11-11/04/11).
  • Summer training /Certificate Course on Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological practices” from 2015-16 onwards
  • 10 days Summer training and Certificate Course on Hands on training on “Innovative Zoological practices” from 20/06/16 to 30/06/16 for UG & PG students
  • Add on course on “Advance Biological Techniques” (2012-2017)

Completed Departmental Projects

  • Completed Departmental project on “Local birds of Jabalpur”-2001-02
  • Completed Departmental project on “The analysis of Blood group”-2005-06
  • Completed Departmental project on “Taxonomic collections of roadside insects of Jabalpur city” 2015 & 2016.

Ongoing Departmental Projects

  • Ongoing Departmental project on “Vermicomposting”2010 -11onwards
  • Ongoing Departmental project on “Local fish market survey”, 2010 -11 onwards
  • Ongoing Departmental project on “Taxonomic study of insects of Dumna Nature Reserve” 2013 onwards


The department runs a club called "Aloysian Zoological Society" (earlier known as Aloysian Zoology and Biotechnology Society), which is coordinated by UG & PG Zoology students. The society organizes various activities like department level workshops, Joy of giving, poster and painting, best out of wastes, Quiz, essay competition, debates, guest lectures, educational tour etc. The society also promotes environmental and health awareness among general public by organizing road shows and health camps. The Aloysian Zoological Society earlier organized "Zoomania” to mark National Science Day from the session 2014 -15 to 2017-18. From the session 2018-19 onwards the society organized “Srijan” in collaboration with the Departments of Botany & Microbiology, Biotechnology and Chemistry to mark the National Science Day celebration.


“Aloysian Zoological Society” of Department of Zoology publishes the newsletter “ZooHunt”. Previously it was published in the name of “Biospirit” and “Bioexpo” This student and faculty managed initiative serves as a podium for exchange and sharing of ideas and is designed to keep the students and faculty informed about the latest developments in the field of Zoology.


The department runs a club called "Aloysian Zoological Society" (earlier known as Aloysian Zoology and Biotechnology Society ), which is coordinated by UG & PG Zoology students . The society organizes various activities like poster and painting ,Quiz and essay competition, debates, educational tour etc. The society also promotes environmental awareness by organizing road shows and also by celebrating the 'World AIDS Day" and " National Science Day” . Department also organizes various activities  under Red Ribbon Club .


  • e- Study materials are prepared on regular basis by the faculty members and is accessible on the St. Aloysius College Website
  • Bridge classes are recurrently conducted
  • Tutorial classes- UG & PG CLASSES are regularly conducted
  • Departmental remedial class for weak learners are frequently conducted .
  • Guest lectures are organized on regular basis.
  • ICT oriented teaching methods are followed along with board teaching.
  • Translation of notes in hindi is done on regular basis for both UG and PG students
  • Each one teach one practice is also followed.


  • Trinocular Research Microscope with micro photographic attachment with ScopeImage software
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • BOD Incubator
  • Colorimeter
  • Visual spectrophotometer
  • Kymograph
  • Microtome
  • Automatic razor sharpener
  • Incubator
  • Digital pH meter (Systronics)
  • Ecotestor & Conductivity meter
  • Camera lucida (Mirror type and Prism type)
  • Turbidity meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • Distillation apparatus
  • Vortex mixer
  • Refractometer
  • Water bath
  • Biochemical analyser
  • Homogenizer 
  • Bacteriological colony counter
  • Hot Air Oven


Apart from the Central Library of the College , the departmental library was established in 1998 to suit the needs of students learning zoology .The library collection includes a separate section of expensive reference books, a large number of text books meant to cater the course taught in the department.


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Telephone : +91-761-2620738 (Extn. 211)


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