Science and Religion

📅Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Establishment Year – 2004


Worship and Explore


The members will initiate and motivate the youth to include values and scientific temperament for the good of humanity.


To abridge Science and Religion through interaction among various components of the society.


  • Create awareness of relation between science and religion among youth and citizens of city and state.
  • Motivate and create individuals to explore the scientific aspects of religion
  • Use the information for the constructive betterment of society.
  • Preserve life and have scientific rationality to bring unity and peace in the world.


  • Religious- Scientific talks.
  • Scientific exploration of religious concepts.
  • Academic and co-curricular activities.
  •  Conferencing and holding seminars, group discussions, elocution competitions in connection with science and religion.

History of the Society

The Society was established in the Year 2004 in collaboration with LOCAL     SOCIETIES INITIATIVE, METANEXUS INSTITUTE, 3624 MARKET STREET, SUITE 301, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19104, USA.

In the Year 2008 collaboration began with INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION, PUNE, who also sponsored the National Seminar.


Science and Religion society has organized Poster competition on Faith and Reason on 1st October 2022. 15 students have participated. (2022-23)

Science and Religion society has organized Debate competition on Science and Faith on 28th March 2022. 30 students have participated. (2021-22)

The institution received a matching grant of $ 2500 for promoting the integration of science and religion to bring peace and prosperity to the broken world. The society organized programs at two levels.

In 2004-07 Extempore and Debate Competition -Topics  “Religion stands as an impediment in the progress of Science”.

Essay Competition – Topics

  • Stem Cell Research: Its Ethical Values
  • Role of Genetic Research in Modern Evolution
  • Cloning and Religion: A controversy

Students lecture Series

Elocution Competition

Vigyan aur dharm sey nai duniya ka srijan kay vikas key liye sabha samitiyon ki bhumika.

Citizens – National Seminars-

2005 – “Modern Science and Spirituality” 11th &12th May.

2006-“Ecology & Religion: Ecological Spirituality in Cross Cultural Perspective” on 4th &5th March.  The seminars were in collaboration with IISR Pune.

2008- Need for Values in the Scientific and Technological Scenario on 3rd &4th March.

2009-National workshop on – Integration of Science and Spirituality to Instill Values in Youth: Curriculum development on 20th &21st Feb. Three year Grant from IISR Pune

2010-11 National Essay Competition on” The Role of Scientific and Religion in Environmental Conservation”

2010-11 State Level Poster Competition on “Catastrophe in Japan: The Science and Religion Perspective”.

2020-21 Science and Religion Club Activity 

Extension Activities

  • Distribution of awla, neem, tulsi to the students during the spread of  Swine Flu for H1N1 virus.
  • Clothes, sweets and dry fruits were distributed to the orphans and homeless old people in Mother Teresa Home.
  • Mother Teresa Centenary week was celebrated.



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