Student’s Union

The Student Council consists of members who are representatives to the Council in the capacity of Elected Class Representatives, Nominated Class Representatives to the Council – by the Principal as Patron – on the basis of procuring the highest marks and the President and Secretary of the different Activity Societies. The Council from amongst its members elects the office bearers with compulsory representation from a girl candidate.

The Student Council holds regular meetings and helps in maintaining discipline and cleanliness in the College Campus . The members of the council take part in the different activities of the college like debates , sports , social work and others mainly through their parent societies . The college council in general promotes healthy interaction amongst students and strives to maintain constant harmony and rapport between staff, students and the college administration.

Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage and strengthen democratic values amongst the students and to train them in the duties and rights of democracy.
  • To provide a forum for the development of the students as ideal and dutiful citizen of a democratic and secular society.
  • To develop responsible and value oriented leadership.
  • To generate intellectual, social, cultural environment and discipline in the academic institution for the overall personality development in pursuance or the true meaning of education.
  • To foster innovative, artistic, literary, cultural, academic and sportive activities to promote active participation and leadership amongst students and to develop their creative talents.
  • To promote scientific study and discussion on subjects of national and international importance.
  • To promote social service through mutual cooperation, harmony and dedication towards society based on social, economic, political equality and justice as envisaged in the Indian Constitution.
  • To foster environment of learning and teaching for the development of the college

The Student Union Elections were last held in the year 2011. 
The Department of Higher Education, Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh has not scheduled student union elections in colleges in the subsequent years.


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