The three levels of administration are as follows:

  • Class teacher and Associate teachers
  • Heads of the Departments
  • Administrative Council

The center of gravity at the first level is the class teacher and associate teachers who are entrusted the responsibility of class administration. At the next level, the departmental responsibility is vested in the Heads of the Departments who transfer and refer issues to the administrative council at the third level of administration. The administrative council comprises of representatives from the streams of Arts, Science, Commerce, Management and Education which monitor the respective departments under their purview. The Administrative Council works together for preparation of time table, practical examination schedule, students’ attendance and follow up. Issues and academic matters pertaining to students are resolved in the Administrative Council. 

  • P– Principal
  • VP â€“ Vice Principal
  • CG -Centre of Gravity
  • HOD– Head of Department 
  • CT– Class Teacher
  • AT– Associate Teacher

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