Institutional Social Responsibility

Motto: Cultivating Humanity


 ” ISR works for Upliftment, Empowerment  and Betterment of the Society “


1. To be a part of a social development.
2. To make an effort to connect the youth with the society.
3. To bridge the gap between Institution and Holistic development of the society.
4. Don’t do it for others, Do it for your self satisfaction.


1. To develop Ethical and Moral Values among the youth minds.
2. To create social awareness and inculcate social responsibility.
3. To develop Empathy in the youth


The ISR cell is a small effort by our institution to make our students good citizens of our country. The ISR cell is trying to keep alive the spark of humanity in them. We can inculcate moral, ethical, and social values in the present generation. So that youth understand the responsibilities related to their society. To do this, the ISR Cell keeps getting many activities done throughout the year. In which the students of our institution participate enthusiastically.
As the motto of ISR is “Cultivating Humanity”, our institution is trying to plant a sapling of humanity in our students. The aim of the ISR cell is that each child should have holistic development, i.e., ethical, mental, and behavioural.

Map Of Adopted Villages
NGO Partners in ISR Activities
Mukti Foundation




ISR is the key pillar of our institution. It has been addressing the challenges of rural Upliftment programmes. Key initiatives in this programme include spreading awareness about challenges and opportunities in targeted villages. The target group for the project covers rural communities in general but will more on vulnerable marginalized group such as literate youth and children, women, subsistence farmers, unorganized labourers and tribal.  Keeping in view the need for Upliftment and enhancement of the quality of the life of the people in the targeted villages. Read More…


“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”The transition of the ancient world into a contemporary world was driven largely by the enlightening wave of education. Education was the impetus which propelled the man to dispel the darkness of ignorance and step into the light of knowledge and understanding. It instilled in man the quality of being rational and aware of the things around him. The biggest contribution we as responsible citizens can render to the holistic growth of our country is to promote education.
Read More…


Various projects have been initiated by our institution in SAMARPAN under the banner of ISR, where every student contributes something. These projects are done to enhance the quality of life of the people in the target villages. Mother Earth that has already lost much of its forestlands- is the major concern of the hour.
Under the banner of ISR the team SAMARPAN conducted various programs to the school, villages as well as our .Read More…


Number of programs was carried out in the year 2019, under Awareness and Training Camps on Health and Hygiene. These awareness camps made people realize the importance of using a toilet. This brought in an increased form of sanitary sense and hygiene awareness amongst the targeted urban and rural areas. Also programs that consist of Yoga and Meditation awareness measures specially designed for socially, economically or physically challenged sections of the society has carried out, to help in .Read More…


“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.”
― Mother Teresa


With these words of Mother Teresa the team SAMARPAN conducted various activities to the school children of our villages as well as our college campus.Read More


In order to put our community services policies into practice, leading various community   events. Under the banner of ISR the entire organization and all faculty members shall seek continual improvement by participating in environmental protection activities.Read More…

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