The schematic representation below presents an overview of the institutional General Administration. Participative management in the college is also ensured through a systematically prepared duty list. The outcomes of these duties are monitored and assessed at the end of every session.


All academic matters fall under the Academic committee headed by the Governing body and Principal. The academics quality and standard is maintained by the three pillars of the committee- Academic Council, Finance Committee and Staff council.

  • Staff council comprises of all the teaching staff including HODs, class teachers and mentor teachers.
  • Finance committee is responsible for the financial matters and its management. Purchase committee is a part of the committee. Purchase committee is responsible for the purchase of equipment, glassware, chemicals and infrastructure boost.
  • Academic council is made up of the BOS of all the 15 departments.
Governing Body Members :
Chairman Most: Most Rev. Gerald Almeida
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Abraham Thazhathedom
Society Nominee: Dr. Fr. Davis George
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Bipin Xalxo
Society Nominee: Rev. Fr. Ben Anton Rose
Educationalist: Dr. Shakeel Ahmad
UGC Nominee: Dr. Tilak Raj Chouhan
State Govt. Nominee: Dr. Leela Bhalavi
University Nominee: Prof. A.D.N. Bajpai
Teacher Representative: Dr. Rupali Ahluwalia
Teacher Representative: Dr. Neelanjana Pathak
Principal & Secretary: Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu


Apart from academics, the students of the college excel in sports, cultural, literary events and also play a vital role in extension activities. The Governing Body and Principal give extra care and encourage students to participate and emerge as winners in the areas of their talents and skills.. This committee takes care of all issues related to such students and decides about their scholarships, special exams and special CCEs.


Examination Cell is responsible for the conduction of semester exams, paper setting, moderation and evaluation, result preparation and declaration and ATKT exams. Exam cell plays a pivotal role in exam administration. Exam time table is announced by the exam cell. The Assistant superintendents conduct the examination according to the proposed schedule. The answer books are then sent to the custodians where they are coded and sent for evaluation. After evaluation decoding of the answer books is done by the decoders and are then sent for result preparation. Results are scrutinized by the deputy controller and the controller of exam and then placed before the result committee.  Result is then sent to Principal for approval. The Principal and Governing body monitor the entire procedure, practices and their implementation.

Examination Commitee : 
Chief Controller of Exam Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu
Controller of Exam. Dr. Mita Darbari
Deputy Controller of Exam. Dr. Tarvinder K. Kainth
Asst. Superintendent Exams :
Arts, Science and BCA Rupali Ahluwalia
Commerce and BBA Dr. Reeta Chouhan
Administrative Council Members :
Principal  Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu
Vice – Principal (Discipline)  Dr. Kallol Das
Vice – Principal (Academics) Dr. Anjali D’Souza
Member Dr. Ramendra Prasad Ojha
Member Dr. Rupali Ahluwalia
Member Dr. Kiran Mishra
Member Rev. Fr. Pradeep Deepak Rodrigues

The three levels of administration are as follows:

  • Class teacher and Associate teachers
  • Heads of the Departments
  • Administrative Council

The center of gravity at the first level is the class teacher and associate teachers who are entrusted the responsibility of class administration. At the next level, the departmental responsibility is vested in the Heads of the Departments who transfer and refer issues to the administrative council at the third level of administration. The administrative council comprises of representatives from the streams of Arts, Science, Commerce, Management and Education which monitor the respective departments under their purview. The Administrative Council works together for preparation of time table, practical examination schedule, students’ attendance and follow up. Issues and academic matters pertaining to students are resolved in the Administrative Council.

  • P– Principal
  • VP – Vice Principal
  • CG -Centre of Gravity
  • HOD– Head of Department
  • CT– Class Teacher
  • MT– Mentor Teacher
Academic Council Members :
Principal (Chairman) Dr. Fr. G. Vazhan Arasu
Department of Physics Dr. Pramod Chaitnya
Department of Mathematics Dr. Mandira Kar
Department of Chemistry Dr. Smarika Lawrance
Department of Botany Dr. Sonali Nigam
Department of Biotechnology Dr. Laxmikant Pandey
Department of Zoology Dr. Priyanka Sinha
Department of Computer Science Mrs. Siby Samuel
Department of English Dr. Neelanjana Pathak
Department of Hindi Dr. Ramendra Prasad Ojha
Department of Economics Dr. Reeta Chouhan
Department of Political Science Dr. Tuhina Johri
Department of History Dr. Manju M. Solomon
Department of Commerce Dr. Rupali Ahluwalia
Department of Management Dr. Rashmi A. Patras
Four Teachers of the College (As per Seniority)
Department of  Arts Dr. Vishwas Patel
Department of Commerce Dr. Sonal Rai
Department of Physics Dr. Nisha Pandey
Department of Management Dr. Shraddha Shrivastav
Members Nominated by the Governing Body :
Educationist Prof. N. K. Pendse
Industrialist Mr. Prem Dubey
Law Justice Prakash Naik
Commerce/Entrepreneur Mr. Pradeep Chaddha
Three Nominees of the University :
Prof. Vikram Prasad Pandey
Prof. Aajneay Pandey
Prof. Rajendra Singh
Member Secretary (Nominated by Principal) :
Department of Applied Economics Dr. Sutapa Roy


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