“The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet” Abraham Lincoln

Establishment Year-2022


📅Last Updated on June 8, 2024


No Eligible Aloysian Voter to be Left Behind.


Enlightened Participation of Students in Elections and Democracy.


Imparting democracy education and engaging the club members in hands on experience in electoral literacy club members to harness them in spreading electoral literacy in communities.


Enable and Empower Students to Register as a Voter and Cast his/her Vote in an Ethical Manner


  1. To address low registration and low voter turnout.
  2. To enhance the quality of electoral participation through continuous electoral education.
  3. To ensure inclusion of marginalized sections in elections.
  4. To address youth apathy in electoral participation via social media.


  1. Voter Registration Camps, Workshops and Epic Card Help desks
  2. Presentations, Pledge, EVM demonstration, Youth Parliament, Literary and Extra-curricular competitions.
  3. Community Engagements
  4. Out campus reach through social media.


Dr, Mandira Kar is nominated as Nodal Officer of Electoral Literacy Club, St. Aloysius College Autonomous (SAC-ELC) constituted in October 2022 for the session 2022-2023. The team includes a student body consisting of Mr. Dev Bhargava and Ms. Hema Khandelwal -Campus Ambassadors, Ms. Sanya Billa -President, Ms. Arshita Agarwal -Vice President, Ms. Aashi Sajeev George -Secretary, executive members Harsh Gupta, Nitya Thakur, Vanshika Dixit, Lakshita Nanhoria, Anam Ali, Ayushi Kehar, Shristi Singh and volunteers. Nominated mentor teachers of the team are Ms. Bhawna Tekam, Dr. Shweta Likhitkar, Dr. Megha Tiwari, Dr. Ekta Mukkar, Mr. Viraj S. Yadav, Mr. Jatin Anand, Dr. Anisha Rupashree, Dr. Durga Ray and Dr. Priya Sahni,

Mode of Action:

From time-to-time District Voter Awareness Club, Jabalpur organised meetings for Principals, Nodal Officers, Campus Ambassadors, President and others to plan and conduct Voter Awareness activities. On 13th October 2022 Voter Awareness Club Meeting was held at Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur where SAC-ELC student Ms. Vanshika Dixit won the first prize for the electoral literacy puzzle. This led to the successful conduction of the following events under the mentorship of Principal, Dr. Fr. Vazhan Arasu and leadership of Nodal Officer, Dr. Mandira Kar. Mentor teachers, student executives, members and volunteers were instrumental in the conduction of these events.

SVEEP Cell, Jabalpur and District Voter Awareness Club has applauded SAC-ELC time and again for their incredible contributions. Principal, Nodal Officer, Mentor teachers are recipients of Excellence Certificates awarded by SVEEP Cell, Jabalpur.

Wall of Democracy:

A notice board is especially designated to SAC-ELC and is termed ‘Wall of Democracy’. It disseminates upcoming events, winners of past events and electoral and democratic procedures in an interesting, and appealing way. SAC-ELC Vice President Ms. Arshita Agarwal coordinates this under the guidance of the Nodal Officer.

Each time the Wall of Democracy is designed on an electoral theme. My Vote-My Right, National Voters’ Day, Voter Helpline App, Voter Registration Portal, c VIGIL app, Know Your Candidate App, I Vote for Sure, Electoral Voting Machine, No Voter to be Left Behind, Exit and Opinion Poll, Youth Parliament and Election Festival are some of the themes.

The success of SAC-ELC is due to the hard work and perseverance of every member of the cell. The club is grateful for the valuable guidance, encouragement and support extended by then Principal Rev. Dr. G. Vazhan Arasu in all their endeavours.



Dr. Mandira Kar (Nodal Officer)

Ms. Bhawna Tekam, Dr. Shweta Likhitkar, Dr. Megha Tiwari (Mentor Teachers)

Mr. Dev Bhargava and Ms. Sanya Billa (Campus Ambassadors)

Vanshika Dixit (President)





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