Dr. Kusdshiya Raza

Name: Dr. Kudshiya Raza
Assistant Professor
Area: Finance, Accounting
Qualification: M.Com.
Contact: +91 0761 2620738-230
Email: taxcom.sac@gmail.com

Teaching Experiences:

  • 3 months Teaching Experience as Asst. Professor (Guest Faculty-Commerce) in St. Norbert women’s. College, Jabalpur
  • 5 Years Teaching Experience as Asst. Professor (Commerce- Contractual basis) in ST. ALOYSIUS COLLEGE, JABALPUR (M.P.).

Research Papers/Article Published in Journals, Books :

Research Papers/Article Published  in Journals :

  • Title ”The Ramakrishna Movement” Ninad A Multi Disciplinary Journal  ISSN No. 2250-1037 vol. XII January 2014

Research Papers/Article Published  in  international Journals:

  • Title “The Role Of Human Resource In Indian Economy And Development” research discourse an international referred journal, Vol. IV ISSN 2277-2014 April-June 2014.
  • Title “ International Trade : Overview On Bilateral Trade Of India And Pakistan And Non-Tariff Barriers” International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Development, Vol. 2;Issue 9;September 2016, Page No.05-07

Research Papers/Article Published in Edited Books:

  • Title “Human Right: Consumer Security And Wakefulness” published in Book-Title “Human Rights and Human Welfare” Dr.Astha Bhanot (Eds.) Pointer Publishers Jaipur, First Edition 2013 p. 52-59. ISBN:978-81-7132-747-8
  • Title “Socio-Cultural Repercussion Of Globalization In India “ (A Case Study Of .Jabalpur District) Published In Book Title “ Social Change And Development In India” Dr. S. Akhilesh (Ed) Gayatri Publications Rewa 2013 P. 355 ISBN 978-81-87364-55-9
  • Title “Swamijis Call The Youth of India” Published In Book Title “Swami Vivekananda And Global Education  Mrs. Archana Pathak And Dr. Fr. G.Vazhan Arasu Vedant  Publications 4-B, Lucknow-226007 Isbn 978-93-80135-32-8
  • Title “Financial Inclusion In India : Policies And Importance” published in the imperative of financial inclusion in India 2015 by Mita Ashish shah ISBN 978-93-8183-972-0; Page No. 185-189.
  • Title “Tourism And Child Labour: An Overview” published in Emerging Issue of Indian Tourism Industry 2014 by Dr. Ashu Jain  ISBN 978-81-7625-978-1; Page No. 289-293.
  • Title “Human Resource Accounting: A Tool for Decision Making” published in Accounting for Growth 2016 AC Jain, Sanjeev Dubey, Sangeeta Kumbhare: ISBN 978-81-89740-41-2; Page No. 01-03.
  • Title “Human Resource Accounting In India and Its Limitations” Published In Human Resource Accounting Concept, Objectives and Practical Approaches ISBN: 978-93-85528-33-0.Page No. 15-18
  •  Title “Regional Disparities and Agricultural Development (with particular ref. national agricultural insurance scheme)” Regional disparity in India 987-93-85304-07-04 December 2015.

Participation in Workshops

  • 3 Days Workshop On New Dimensions Of Economic And Social Research Organized By G.S. College Of Commerce & Economics Jabalpur 19-21 Dec. 2012.
  • 2 Days Workshop On Recent Trends In Higher Education, Organized By Navyug Arts & Commerce College Jabalpur 06-07 Sep. 2013
  • 7 Days Workshop On Quantitative Techniques For Economics, Commerce , Management And Business Studies , Organized By Govt. O.F.K College , Jabalpur (M.P) 24th To 30th March 2014
  • 2 Days’ Workshop On Human Values Developmental Programme held at St. Aloysius College Jabalpur 16th and 17th June 2015.
  • 3 Days’ Workshop On Research Problems And Techniques held on 5th 6th and 7th February 2015

Research Papers, Articles Presented / Published  in Seminars and Conferences:

National Seminars/Conferences:

  • Title “Role of Govt. Plans for the development of Small Scale Industries”  National Seminar organized by St. Aloysius College Jabalpur 05-06 Oct. 2012
  • Title “ SHGs are the Powerful tool for Women empowerment” National Seminar organized by Mata Gujri College Jabalpur 30 Nov. – 01 Dec. 2012
  • Title “An Analytical Study of Consumer Behaviour due to price hike in India(With Special Reference to Jabalpur City)” National Seminar Organized by Adarsha Science, J.B. Arts & Birla Commerce Mahavidyalaya Dhamangaon Amravati 29 Dec. 2012
  • Title “Role of FDI in infrastructural development of India” National Seminar organized by St. Aloysius College Jabalpur 4-5 oct. 2013
  • Title “Foreign Direct Investment : Indian Market Invasion And Economic Reforms” National Seminar Organized By St.Aloysius College Jabalpur 28th – 29th March , 2014
  • Title “Peace In Your Mind “ Global Peace Conference Organized By Society For Brotherhood And Peace 23rd February 2014
  • Title “ foreign direct investment in Indian retail sector : problems and prospects “ national seminar organized by hawabagh women’s college , college Jabalpur 21st- 22nd February 2014.
  • Title “FDI: Retail Brand In India” national seminar on foreign direct investment in india : prospectus and challenges organized by vrinda sahay govt. pg college DABRA Distt. Gwalior (M.P), 22nd and 23rd Feb. 2015.
  • Title “ Role of FDI in infrastructural development of India” National Seminar organized by St. Aloysius College Jabalpur 4-5 oct. 2013
  • Title “Quality of higher education in university system : challenges and strategies” organized by St. Aloysius College Jabalpur on RUSA : A STRATEGIC INTERVENTION FOR ENHANCEMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN INDIA, 19th – 20th march 2015.
  • Title “financial inclusion in india : policies and importance” national conference financial inclusion in india issues challenges and way forward organized by mata gujri womens college Jabalpur on 10th – 11th October 2015.

International Seminar

  • Title “international trade comparative study on indo pak trade” international conference on exploring trends and practices in information technology and management on 5th – 6th January 2015.
  • Title “inclusive growth and sustainable development : agenda for tourism and hospitality industry” Indian tourism and hospitality congress on 6th – 8th feb. 2015 at manali himachal pradesh

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